Arnold Bagubwagye, Deputy Director Financial Markets, Bank of Uganda

Arnold Bagubwagye, Deputy Director Financial Markets, Bank of Uganda

“The development of the money markets is one of the priorities to building liquidity in Uganda’s financial markets. Bank of Uganda’s partnership with Frontclear in building a well-functioning money market shows clear commitment by the Bank to deepen the Financial Markets as part of the efforts to position Uganda as a desirable destination for investment.”

Pauline Engelberts

Pauline Engelberts, Global Chief Operations Officer, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank

“ABN AMRO Clearing wants to lead the way to safe and transparent markets, as the need for dependable, stable, accessible markets is greater than ever. We are taking our societal responsibility to the next level by teaming up with Frontclear as a complementary partner. We commit to making our staff available to support initiatives that make local interbank markets in emerging and developing countries more transparent and efficient.”

Herbert Wigwe

Herbert Wigwe, Group Managing Director, Access Bank PLC

“We are pleased to partner with Standard Chartered and Frontclear in this innovative solution as it provides us an opportunity to continue to provide FX solutions to our clients within the context of the current operating environment. We are also pleased to be counterparty to Frontclear’s first transaction in Nigeria and we look forward to expanding our partnership with other Africa-focused Developmental Financial Institutions.”

Reggie Mlangeni

Reggie Mlangeni, Regional Head East Africa Client Solutions, Standard Bank

“With this transaction, Standard Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa and Frontclear worked together as partners to develop Kenya’s domestic financial markets. The market development initiative and focus of Frontclear assisted with lobbying the various regulating bodies in Kenya as a collective. We were able to transact under global industry-standard documentation. We see this type of transaction as key to developing deep and liquid financial markets in Kenya and across Africa as a whole.”

Daniel Hanna

Daniel Hanna, Global Head of Public Sector and Development Organisations, Standard Chartered Bank

“As a leading international bank in Africa, we remain committed to providing financial structures which not only provide bespoke solutions, but also bring the right partners together to deliver sustainable benefits. We look forward to delivering further value to other clients in partnership with Frontclear.”

George Asante

George Asante, Head of Global Markets Africa (ex SA), ABSA

“Our partnership with Frontclear and this investment in the FTAP Partnership Facility is a further demonstration of Barclays Africa Group’s commitment to expanding and deepening financial markets across Africa.”

Jérôme Sabah

Jérôme Sabah, Global Head of Rates, Credit and Forex Sales for Financial Institutions, Societe Generale

“The Societe Generale is delighted to have concluded this transaction with Frontclear allowing Development Bank of Mongolia to hedge interest rate and currency risks related to its Samurai bond. It illustrates the strength of the collaboration between our two institutions, Societe Generale and Frontclear, which share the common objective to participate to the development of capital markets in emerging countries.”

Allan Malvar

Allan Malvar, Managing Director, Head Corporate Communications & Membership, ICMA

“As a provider of standard documentation and education for the international repo market, ICMA greatly values its partnership with Frontclear in encouraging the use of repo in frontier markets. Our experience with Frontclear in supplying technical expertise for the repo product in markets in Africa and Central/Latin America has shown the potential of their approach for fast-tracking market development and we hopeto extend our joint endeavour to other developing regions.”

Robin Sherbourne

Robin Sherbourne, Head of ODI Fellowship Scheme, Overseas Development Institute

“The ODI Fellowship Scheme provides capacity to developing country governments in economics and statistics where gaps in local capacity exists. The target beneficiaries for this partnership with Frontclear can employ high caliber economists to improve their ability to strengthen the understanding and capacity of money market regulators.”

Koko Bola Onadele

Koko Bola Onadele, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, FMDQ Group

“In our stride to position our markets on the path of increased liquidity and global competitiveness, the FMDQ-Frontclear guarantee fund initiative is a landmark achievement positioned to engender market integrity, which will bolster liquidity and financial system stability in the Nigerian economy.”