What is Frontclear?

Frontclear supports economic development globally by catalysing the establishment of more stable and inclusive financial markets in emerging and frontier markets…

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The Product

Frontclear guarantees counterparty credit risk in both over-the-counter and exchange traded markets, covering repos, derivatives, securities lending and trade finance instruments…

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Trading with Us

Frontclear is committed to connecting financial institutions based in emerging and frontier countries to local and global markets. Eligible institutions include…

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Latest news
Frontclear makes presentation at the Bank of Zambia Treasurer’s Workshop

Lusaka, October 9 2016 – Frontclear’s CFRO Erik van Dijk, delivered a presentation at the Bank of Zambia Treasurer…

ICMA European Repo and Collateral Council (ERCC)

”If repo and liquidity is challenged in European markets, join us in emerging markets where there’s great enthusiasm”….